Baby Colds with No Cough Medicine

So now that cold medicine is off the shelves for kids under 6, what are your strategies for easing your kids symptoms?

David of Washington, DC writes:
>>Remember that apple juice, in addition to being useful for stopped-up kid-plumbing, also helps turn the nose into a leaky faucet. E.g. if your kid has got a stuffed up nose, might try it. And if your kid is constipated with a stuffed-up nose, it’s a no-brainer!

>> According to the Penn State College of medicine, honey has as much cough fighting power as the now-disgraced cough medicine. Check the article out here.  (Remember – NO honey for babies under 12 months of age!)

>> Steam! Spend some time in the bathroom with a hot shower running or in close proximity to a vaporizer.

>> If you can, prop the baby’s mattress up so she’s sleeping on an incline. A rolled up towel under the crib mattress can do the trick.

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