We got our first eggs!

The whole family is very excited and now the kids and I have integrated a “check for eggs” section to our morning routine.  We had scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning and you can really see the difference between the top 2 homemade eggs (as Zoe calls them) and the store-bought one I filled in with on the bottom.

The eggs are still small and there are only a couple a day so far – we’re not sure if the other girls just aren’t laying yet or if they’re hiding them in the woods.  Investigation will continue!

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5 Responses to Eggs!

  1. Chris says:

    Those are some gorgeous yolks. As coincidence has it, K and I just stumbled across Mark Bittman’s recipe for Curried Deviled Eggs this weekend. Mash up the yolks from 12 hard boiled eggs with 6 T plain yogurt (instead of mayo), plus 1 T curry powder, and pipe back into the white halves. Tastes *really* good, and is actually quite healthy without the mayo. Even healthier is to chuck half of the yolks, and adjust yogurt/curry powder accordingly to make only half as much filling for each egg white. Not as pretty, but a better overall balance.

  2. Lina says:

    Chris – that sounds awesome, we will totally try it! I’m trying not to count my eggs before they are laid but in theory, we’re about to have way too many eggs so the more recipes the better!

  3. mary says:

    So cool! I am trying harder and harder to find an excuse for a trip to DC to see all this stuff in person!!

  4. kp says:

    ahhhhh…..fresh eggs, nothing quite like it.
    looks like you have some good layers. enjoy !

  5. kyle says:

    Let the omelets begin!

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