Kaiser Snowze

We’re supposed to get another epic storm today.  Amazing.  I’m just happy that today is a telework day for David and I went grocery shopping on Wednesday so we are pretty well set for the upcoming Snowpocalypse.  Or Snowmaggedon.  Or as the title suggests, my personal favorite – Kaiser Snowze.  Or that today is the Day Before the Day After Tommorrow.  I love snarkiness and nothing like a good snow storm with panic shopping, long lines and shutdowns to bring out the snarkiness in people everywhere.

I’m still fretting about losing power, like I fretted in December.  And we’re running around getting prepared but I’m also reading more about chickens today and looking forward to some knitting.  If we don’t lose power tonight, its movie night and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is on the docket.  That’s right folks, its going to be a wild Friday night here at Right Field Farm.

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2 Responses to Kaiser Snowze

  1. The snow has begun. At about 1:00 it started falling in earnest. We’ve got friends driving out from the city to join us for movie night and a few days of snow fever- five kids, three dogs, a case of beer, lots of fun. Anyone else have snow tales from further south yet?

  2. Uncle Kyle says:

    I had a snow story to tell but after seeing the DC pictures on the news. . . never mind.

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