Milk Delivered in Glass Bottles

One of the advantages of living in Washington, D.C. is that South Mountain Creamery delivers milk, cream, butter, eggs and other foods to your door on a weekly basis.  I had no idea this kind of thing was still around but our neighbors turned us on to it and good friends confirmed how great it is.  Basically, you sign up on their website, chose what you want delivered and then they schedule a time to bring it to you.  The best part is you just leave a cooler on your porch and the milk is there when you get home that night.  Magic!

Their milk is really good and comes in glass bottles, which they pick back up to be used again.  The butter and cream are amazing too.  Almost all the other food they provide is not from their farm, but they do try to buy from local farms when they can.  They are not certified organic, but they don’t give their cows antibiotics and you can go visit the farm any time you want (fulfilling the whole point of the organic label – if you know who is making your food, you don’t necessarily need organic to be certified by an outside party.  You can decide for yourself if you like how it was grown and if you want to eat it.)  One bummer is they put corn syrup in their flavored yogurts so we don’t get those, but again, all their ingredients are listed and you know where it comes from.

In my quest to avoid the grocery story, this is a huge boon.  They deliver to most of the DC metro area so check it out if you’re a local.

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  1. kp says:

    We had milk, eggs & butter delivered to our house growing up in the 50’s and it is remarkable that you have discovered and shared this timeless service in D.C.
    Delicious, wholesome and convenient……thanks for sharing this great tidbit .

  2. Olivia says:

    Colorado Springs/Denver also have home delivery by Royal Crest dairy. As a child whose family owned a dairy farm, being able to buy milk from the dairy again was wonderful. I hate that we’ve moved and it is no longer an option!

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