Snow Seeds

Our pasture needs renovation.  We need to build our soil so it becomes a rich home for earthworms and microbes; so it grows a great mix of grasses and legumes; so it holds onto water and nutrients; so it is beautiful.  From everything I read, you need a tractor to drill the grass seed into the ground at the proper depth and distribution.  We don’t have a tractor.  Here’s what we have:



This morning was a balmy 34 degrees and a forecast of 6 inches of snow for later in the day.  Perfect!  We don’t have a way to drill in the seeds so we decided to let the snow do it for us.  David and I walked the entire four acres three times spreading a mix of perennial rye, timothy, orchard grass, Kentucky bluegrass and clover.  The idea is that the snow and frost will work the seeds down into the soil.  It certainly has kept the birds off of it so far.  They say that snow is the poor man’s fertilizer and now it’s our seed drill too.


We finished seeding just as as the snow started to fall.  It won’t work as well as if we had a seed drill, but it will work better than doing nothing.  When you can’t possibly do it right, you can’t worry about doing it wrong!


The snow is still falling and covering all those little seeds up.  Hopefully, at least some of them will make their way down into the soil and sleep well until spring.

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4 Responses to Snow Seeds

  1. Kate says:

    I love that idea – “when you can’t possibly do it right, you don’t have to worry about doing it wrong.” Embroidering it on all of my t-shirts right now.

  2. Uncle Dave says:

    I agree with Kate. Now I’m gonna feel silly if she wears one of her embroidered shirts around my new tattoo.

  3. Uncle Dave says:

    I just wanted to see if my new profile pic shows up on this comment. Sorry for the waste of pixels and bandwidth.

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