The Seeds and The Bees

This post could also have been titled “I wish I knew how to enlarge a picture” but I won’t dwell.  Check out the picture of our bees going in and out of the hive.  You can see the pollen on their legs!

They have little pouches on their back legs to carry the pollen back in to the hive.  They carry nectar back in a kind of stomach and the nectar is what will turn into honey eventually.  Its all rather amazing to me.

And we got more seeds started!  We’ve tried the last 2 years in a row, bought seeds, got everything ready and then just never did it.  But again, I won’t dwell.  Onward!

And in this picture at least, they look less like brownies.  :)

In previous years, we bought tomato and pepper plants, which are not expensive, but when we spend the same on seeds as what we spent on plants, but end up with 70 plants instead of 12 (and only planted a small portion of the seeds we bought), it really brings home the calculus of the whole thing.   Now if I could only figure out how not to order 8 million seeds…


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3 Responses to The Seeds and The Bees

  1. Sheila Brunton says:

    I love these updates – so happy spring is here!

  2. JoDee says:

    Love te bees. Live the seeds. Hope to see you next weekend for some bee time.

  3. kp says:

    Fascinating. You guys are amazing.

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