When Good Plants Go Wild

This year’s garden is just getting started but it has been fun already.  We’ve been conducting some experiments to see what happens when we leave plants in longer instead of pulling them out (i.e. when we run out of time and leave things in longer than we should ;)
Here’s the lettuce.  It grew 5 feet tall and then fell over in last night’s storm

Here’s what happens when you don’t pick your zucchini every day…

And when you let your kale go to seed, you get a carpet of baby kale –

And then, since you made it this far through pictures of a garden, here’s one of the reasons we’ve been so busy these days.  :)

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4 Responses to When Good Plants Go Wild

  1. jason says:

    ADORABLE!! And that lettuce picture is pretty crazy.

  2. I think this theme of “Plants Gone Wild” should be followed up with a picture of topless beans. Um, yeah. You know, because the deer have eaten the tops of the bean plants…

  3. Oliver says:

    Danny rules!

  4. Rachel says:

    Love the mohawk!

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