Yogurt Cheese- Tasty Alternative to Cream Cheese

As promised in the previous post about our family’s yogurt fixation, today’s post expands the topic. Both kids like helping with this one (as well as eating most the result). It’s so easy that it can be described in a single sentence:

Yogurt cheese is made by draining the whey from plain yogurt for about a day.

I’m serious. That’s it. Both kids love yogurt cheese, and it’s easy to make even if that first batch of yogurt didn’t turn out as expected, since store bought yogurt works fine. Now, of course there’s always a product that can make the whole process move along a little more smoothly, by holding the yogurt and catching the whey. In this case, it’s the Cuisipro Donvier yogurt cheese maker.

We got ours as a gift. But before we had it, we used a cloth diaper (not the fuzzi-bunz we’ve raved about elsewhere on the site, but rather like the ones our moms used on us).

If you’re using a diaper or hanky for your cheese cloth, just wet it with some super-hot, preferably sterile water, and stick it in a colander. Stick the colander in a lasagna tray, dump in some yogurt, and let it sit in the fridge for a day. Take it out and spread it on some bagels. Voila, you’ve made cheese!

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